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Quinceañera Church Service
The Quinceañera Service 
Each Quinceañera service may vary from congregation to congregation,whether its of Catholic or Christian origin,  but most include  the following similar elements:

• The minister welcomes everyone to the ceremony with a prayer to ask God's blessing.

• Scripture readings from the Old and New Testaments are read based on the "theme" that the quinceañera, her family and the minister have discussed prior to the ceremony. Often times, the court shares in the reading of these scriptures.

• A thanksgiving prayer or dedication is said by the quinceañera, offering her now more mature, adult life as a woman to God's service.

• The baptismal candle  may be lit by the Quinceañera during the ceremony.

• A change of shoes is sometimes brought: changing shoes from flats to heels signifies her passage into young womanhood.

• During a Protestant ceremony, a presentation of 15 red roses is made to the girl herself. In Catholic ceremonies, roses are presented to the altar of the Virgin Mary. In a traditional Mexican Catholic service, the roses are given to the girl by one of her sponsors and together they place them on the altar of the Virgin Mary.

 The presentation of five gifts from her family or sponsors can be demonstrated as blessing to the quinceañera:

1. A rosary or Bible and prayer book to keep the word of God in her life.
2. The crown, which designates her as a queen before God.
3. The cross and necklace or medal which declares her Christianity.
4. A ring or bracelet which signifies the unending circle of God's love.
5. Earrings remind her to hear God's word.

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